Miami Nights

It’s no wonder that the ultimate hotspot to see and be seen would inspire a collection that leaves little to the imagination!

The Inspiration

Capture the electrifying essence of Miami after dark. Inspired by the city’s vibrant nightlife and iconic neon lights, this collection features dazzling, shimmering textures that mirror the dynamic and glamorous atmosphere of Miami’s evening scene.


The transparent finishes, combined with a nod to the neon lights of South Beach, all compose a luxury colorful collection that's anything but boring. These cases are not only stunning in appearance but are built to be functional and durable, making them ideal for safeguarding your makeup and beauty essentials.


The luxurious textures and reflective surfaces are reminiscent of Miami's clear waters and lively parties. They are perfect for those who travel frequently and want to bring a touch of Miami's luxuriant style with them on every adventure.