Miami Cobra

Perfect for those who dare to stand out, the Miami Cobra Collection adds an edgy twist to your travel and everyday beauty essentials, making every outing a statement.

The Inspiration

The textured print evokes the dynamic and fearless spirit of the cobra, while the contemporary design reflects Miami’s modern, fashion-forward energy.


Each piece is a celebration of bold aesthetics, designed for those who are unafraid to stand out and express their unique style. The durable materials used ensure that the cases withstand the rigors of travel, whether tucked into a suitcase for a long-haul flight or carried on for a weekend getaway.


Drawing inspiration from the sleek, mesmerizing patterns of a cobra's skin, this collection blends boldness with a touch of sophistication. The cobra print, known for its hypnotic and detailed texture, symbolizes power and allure, attributes that resonate deeply with Miami's dynamic and bold personality.