The Bodrum Collection pays tribute to Stephanie Johnson's signature style, known for its richness in color, intricate patterns, and rich texture.

The Inspiration

The spotlight gracefully falls upon functional handbags crafted from upcycled materials, weaving a narrative inspired by the enchanting allure of Bodrum, Turkey. Enter the Bodrum collection, unveiling a fresh palette and novel silhouette for the season.


As the world embraces a more eco-conscious approach to fashion, the team at Stephanie Johnson is exploring innovative ways to combine sustainability with functionality, organization, and style. These bags infuse life into discarded materials, inviting you to embark on a stylish journey that celebrates our environment. Seize the opportunity to make a positive impact and embrace sustainability with every chic stride!


Cosmetic bags that are envisioned as conversation-starters and celebrations of boldness and personality. With thoughtful designs and functional compartments, Bodrum caters to the needs of modern individuals seeking to make a statement and eco-conscious world travelers alike.